What do I do?

For many years I have been learning a variety of programming languages, libraries, APIs and technology. Below are the languages I am most fluent in, comfortable working with, and currently learning. As well as some extra technology I use. A lot of the languages under secondary and learning are ones that I think are interesting and will have some use some day, I am not completely fluent in them but am very keen on continuing to learn them.


Languages I am fluent in

I am currently learning

Technology and APIs

Other qualities

Development isn't always about writing code. I often find that there are qualities that are involved in all areas of development that stem from other jobs. I have worked on learning and using these qualities to better myself as a person and to work more efficiently in the work place. I believe it is essential that developers know major aspects of not just their fellow developers but their entire teams job, this can help you and your team understand what other non-developers (project lead, QA etc) are there to do and how this knowledge can help.


Hypixel Network

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Since December 2014 - Present

The Hypixel Network is the largest Minecraft network out there today with a record of 64,000+ players and over 40 unique games the network has earned it's status. Since joining I have been tasked with a multitude of duties ranging from quality assurance (bug finding, reporting, reports etc), player management (dealing with hackers and rule breakers), small scale development and project management of the staff client and a heap more. Being at the network has truly taught me a lot about myself and the business world, the staff managers are very keen to help the staff with their future endeavors by providing insight on specific topics they believe can benefit us.


InsultBot image

JavaScript & DiscordJS project

InsultBot is a discord bot written in DiscordJS that is designed to throw insults at your friends without hurting any real feelings, the bot uses an API provided by RapidAPI to generate the insults, in addition it uses an additional API to send people cat pictures if it was too much for them. It is hosted on an AWS EC2 Ubuntu server that is located on Ohio, it is currently active in over 60 servers and has had a total of 2000+ API requests.

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Dev Together

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Dev together forum

dev.to is a forum for developers, with highly active members there is always something on there that will interest you. Joining the website in 2017 I have written several articles on a variety of topics that range from technology, Ask me anything (AMA) to the general work life, I have even been featured in their top 7 posts of the week.

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University of Western England, Bristol

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UWE Student - Computing

As of 2017 I enrolled on a Computing course at the University of Western England to get a bachelors degree, I am currently in my second of four years to obtain my degree and afterwards plan to do a masters in Cyber Security. Being on this course has presented its challenges, however I am loving the degree and the work that comes with it. Since enrolling we have been tasked with making the following:

This is just a small percentage of what is to come.

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More about me

As a developer with Dyslexia it has been a real roller coaster of a journey, from only being diagnosed in September 2018 I have had to face many mental tasks to get to where I am today. I wrote a post on the Dev together forums about my experiences, what I do to help myself and other people, and more importantly what it has taught me. The post can be found here .

My love of technology comes naturally from my family, my brothers, father and distant family have successful careers in all different forms of technology. From hardware to software I grew up idolising them, and looking up to them all as role models.

When I'm not writing code, looking into new technology or in a university lecture I like to keep myself busy. I am an avid player of the sport Airsoft, a military simulation game that is heavily based around communication, team work, objectives and the most fun part...chaos.


I am based in Bristol, United Kingdom. Want to contact me? Send me an email to rapidthenerd@protonmail.com or contact me through LinkedIn