Network staff member

Hypixel is the worlds largest Minecraft network with a record of 92,000+ players. Here I have been a volunteer staff since December 2014. My duties range from player assistance to bug finding and testing.

NodeJS Discord Bot

Notion was a multi-purpose Discord bot written in NodeJS, it's primary purpose was to provide fun instances and commands towards the end user.

C Project

Heartbeat is a Linux resource monitor written in C, supporting all Linux distributions with no alternative libraries required.

Java & Bukkit Project

Jesse is a Minecraft plugin to speak and have a conversation with the IBM Watson AI

Java & Bukkit Project

Besty is a Minecraft plugin that provides in game assistance to players with basic tasks such as mining, farming, protection and more.

Technical writing and publishing

Some of my technical writing and articles I've been interviewed for.

Choosing a Linux distro

Posted on Dev Together

But the hardest decision was which do I chose? Linux is an Open source, meaning anyone is free to commit code and obviously create their own operating system. Personally I went with Linux Mint (Cinnamon) for my new OS. But I still had other options in mind.

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When to Quit a Technology Job You Just Started.

Interviewed and posted on Dice

BAccording to a recent study, 43 percent of employees say that their day-to-day role isn’t what they had been led to believe it would be during the hiring process. Having doubts about an employer’s honesty is just one of the reasons why 33 percent of new hires quit within the first 90 days.

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Using Python and C together

Posted on Dev Together

Python and C, two of the most popular and greatest languages that have come out of programming. Many languages can communicate with each other very easily, but with Python and C it's a little tricky. But first lets start of with why we would want this?

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How Dyslexia helped me become a programmer

Posted on Dev Together

Ever since I was young I knew there was an issue with my reading and spelling, but never knew what it was specifically. It wasn't until Year 8 (Junior year in America) that I got tested, and that's when they told me I had this annoying thing called Dyslexia.

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